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CYS invited to attend 'Neijiang new material industry development conference 2016'

2017/1/24      view:

The afternoon of December 7th, Chengdu Chang Yuan Shun Co.,Ltd invited to atend as one of the "Neijiang new material industry development conference" activities of the "Neijiang new material industry development forum" was held in Neijiang Wanda Royal hotel. From the Ministry of industrial policy, Chinese glass fiber industry association China Composites Industry Association, JUSHI, Taishan Glass Fiber Co. Ltd., WBO, CYS and other companies, totally 150 people attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by the Neijiang Municipal Committee, deputy mayor of the city of Chen Jianyou presided over by experts and the government, enterprises in the field of interactive communication. The government, enterprises encountered in the development of new materials industry in the process of the problem to the experts, the experts gave their interrogation and suggestions.

Chinese glass fiber industry association Mr. Jiang Zhaozhong adviser Chinese Composites Industry Association of Neijiang new material industry advised four proposals, one is to improve and strengthen the industrial innovation system, the development of industrial services; the two is to strengthen the function of bearing platform development zone, new materials enterprises outstanding technical strength and product features; the three is to train cars, composite double field of professional talent team quickly; the four is to establish the idea of cooperation, the development of new materials industry cluster. Another adviser to the association, Mr. Huang Jiakang suggested that the Neijiang fiberglass composite industry to the automotive, insulation materials, building materials and other fields of application. The establishment of research and development of new materials industry research and development center of Tianjin University of Technology composite mechanism, deputy director of the Institute of Professor Wu Xiaoqing in Neijiang, new materials enterprises should strive to become bigger and stronger, to meet the basic requirements of the users, but also seek to lead the user needs. Teng Jianli, Secretary General of China Environmental Protection Industry Association, called on Neijiang's new material enterprises to focus on the market in the field of environmental protection materials. Yu Guiyong, director of the China Renewable Energy Society of wind energy Specialized Committee, director of the Ministry of industry and commerce, proposed that the Neijiang fiberglass composite materials companies focus on the improvement and recovery of wind turbine materials. Finally, the Ministry of national industrial policy department, former director Ms. Yuan Kelan delivered a speech, she suggested Neijiang well planned new material industry development planning, to find out the needs of all walks of life supporting composite materials, step by step to achieve the goal of planning; the development of new materials industry cluster, bigger and stronger, to grasp the industry pricing right; the government should carefully the plan in the new materials industry investment, a solid job of preparatory work.